Divided we fall

United we stand


Letter to the Nation

On May 4th of this year, I was in my home alone after an average day of work. Having previously lost my faith in God and not being a member of an organized religion, I can only describe what happened to me that evening as miraculous.

Having spent the last few years using my talents and gifts to lead as many as I could away from God, I believed that this experience was given to simply correct my personal journey.  But not soon after, I began having very strong impressions. These feelings were centered around the great divide within our nation.

I prayed with all my heart for these feelings to leave me alone. They did not. So I began pondering, writing and listening to as many as I could about changes that our country needed. Changes that would truly benefit the average, everyday American. Changes that might be able to unite us as a Nation and restore our democracy. 

Peace came as I embraced assembling this platform and my prayers shifted to finding the best candidate to run on it.  I searched for someone with the perfect-looking family, the beautiful home, and the remarkable career. Someone that was well-off, well-educated, and well-connected. Everything I am not. That someone never came along.

So I negotiated a buy-out with my business partner and left a company I had worked to build over the past 5 years and began to accept that this had to be me. I began to urgently assemble a campaign and started to travel around the country to the many states that required committed electors. I knocked on doors, talked to people in parking lots and shared my story and my platform with anyone that would listen. Many laughed at me, but I found enough that believed. 

Once I had everything organized and was ready to begin, I felt constrained to do the unthinkable for someone running for President of the United States.   Wait.

Wait and the time would come when the hearts of this nation would have finally had enough.

When the collective sorrow felt on both sides of the aisle would be enough to wake us all up to what we’ve lost.  Wait and as foretold by George Washington, all would see that these two parties would divide our nation

America, it’s time.

The time to wake up and rise together to restore our democracy, our liberty, and agency for all. The time to unite with one voice declaring that we will no longer be forced to choose between the lesser of two evils. The time to have a President that stands up to protect ALL religions, ALL races, and ALL views, regardless of popularity, from being silenced and persecuted. The time to restore dignity to the oval office and the high calling of the President of the United States. The time for our President to unite our nation and not just a political party and for us to collectively acknowledge that we will never be great until we are at least good again. 

I promise that you have never seen a presidential platform like the one that I have been inspired to create. It will demand the attention of our nation.  I have yet to meet anyone in my travels that doesn’t hope for the America it proposes. It awakens the good, silent majority and by it, you shall know who I am. You shall know the principles that I will lead and govern with. The principles that will guide the army of honest, brilliant and honorable men and women, both Republican and Democrat, that will accompany me to our Nation’s Capital to restore our government and our sacred constitution, the cornerstone of our Nation.

Read it with all your heart and mind and decide. I have listened and acted with faith and courage. 

Now you must choose.  Listen with your heart and unite with me. Let us show ALL the nations of this world that no government is more powerful than its own people, united. These Goliaths aren’t too powerful or too wealthy for all of us to bring down. I am not David. We all are. 


Todd Christian Cella

Write-In Candidate For President Of The United States

If you want four more years of this in our country, turn the page. 
But if you have had ENOUGH, it’s time to STAND UP AND ACT.

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