The Candidate

I felt inspired to create this platform for the American People.

While I have always enjoyed serving others, I have never had any desire to be a politician. I have not been groomed for a public life. I’m not wealthy. My home is not fancy. I have lived a simple life and have always had sufficient for my needs. My greatest joy has been found in being a father to 4 teenagers. My ex-wife and her fiance are my good friends and we work to raise our kids together, sharing family trips and holidays.

While in junior high school, I learned to work with my brothers in my dad’s finish carpentry business.  If we weren’t playing sports, we were working. We grew up paying for our own school clothes and were expected to pay our own way. I stayed in the family business for years until I went on my own and started my own company. While I don’t have a college education, I have always loved learning, reading, and consuming knowledge. 

My life has not always been easy.  I’ve had significant health issues. I have successfully fought off Stage 4 Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, two years later Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, and then melanoma, which cost me a half-inch of my right ear. I’ve had shingles, lost my spleen due to complications with treatments and have received over 100 life-saving chemo treatments. All these experiences taught me how to fight, but I also found compassion as I sat next to individuals receiving treatments to simply prolong their lives for just a few more weeks.

My mission is not over though. I have had to accept the absolute ridiculousness of what I’m doing. I initially laughed at myself, but those laughs did not make the inspiration stop. Nothing has. So I have gone forth and will continue to lead whomever will follow and together, boldly and nobly we will restore our freedom, our liberty, our constitution and our nation for all. 

My platform wasn’t edited by highly-paid consultants who cleverly crafted each word to manipulate emotion. It has come from my own hand and my own heart, designed to inspire our nation with true equality.  I pray it will resonate with all Americans who can see that our constitution is on life support right now and our country is at a crossroads. 

We need a miracle. The freedoms that so many have fought and died to protect for us, have systematically, one by one, been slowly and methodically taken from us. The time has fully come for my generation to stand up and fight for this country, to fight for our freedoms and liberties. They are not guaranteed but must be bought and paid for by each generation. As did our parents and grandparents when they got the call, so too must we respond.

Be not afraid. It’s time.