The Platform


  • Term Limits for Congress
  • Eliminate “Dark Money” 
  • Eliminate Super-Pacs
  • Make Election Day a National Holiday
  • Restore Voting Rights Act
  • Work to permanently eliminate all earmark spending
  • Work to eliminate gerrymandering and redistricting
  • Work to overturn Citizens United
  • Work to institute a lifetime lobbying ban for former members of Congress and senior staff
  • Create the Whistleblower Protection Agency


I will demand, on behalf of all Americans, for a constitutional amendment for term limits on members of Congress. Career politicians have proven they are more concerned with staying in power than actually working with one another to move the American people's agenda forward. We need public servants now more than ever to work together to tackle the needs of all Americans.  


Politicians on both sides of the aisle continue to show they are more loyal to their own party than they are to their constituents and to the Constitution of the United States. The majority of Americans no longer identify fully with either party.  Nor are the  majority of politicians  running on ideas to improve our lives.


These political parties have become so powerful and wealthy that they have silenced the individual American voice. They have also worked to ensure we are constantly contending one with another as a nation.


I will work to eliminate “dark money” as well as Super-Pacs. Super PACs are federally registered political action committees that raise unlimited contributions from the super rich, corporations, labor unions and other entities and spend these funds to make "independent" expenditures in federal elections. 


In addition to eliminating corporate greed and corruption, I will work to abolish the blatantly corrupt and racist practices of gerrymandering and redistricting. It is appalling that corrupt and treasonous politicians have attacked our democracy by redrawing districts to gain political advantage.  My administration will search out those behind this and hold them accountable for corrupt, anti-American activities. 


I will work to make Election Day a National Holiday, allowing  all Americans the right to have their voices heard and as a reminder that each vote is imperative in the democratic process.


In addition to the above, we will offer real protection to the good men and women that find the faith and courage to expose evil individuals that have corrupted our political process in all areas. No one is above the law. 


I will also work to ban all future earmark spending. This holds up the legislative process as members from both parties tend to their pet projects rather than the crucial decision at hand.



Furthermore, the Electoral College is outdated.  Millions of Americans don’t participate in our democratic process because they think their vote doesn’t count.   I have yet to engage with anyone that has had a logical argument regarding its continued existence other than it protects the two-party system. Blue votes need to count in red states and red votes need to count in blue states.  I will work to eliminate it.

I will bring an army of brilliant experts with me to our Nation’s capital. These honorable men and women  will work to eradicate evil within our government and restore dignity and nobility to our Nation’s Capital. 


I will create the Whistleblower Protection Agency. It will be completely independent from all other federal agencies and will be used to provide real protection for those that find the faith and courage to come forward to expose corruption within our own government.  


It will be operated by principled, incorruptible men and women that love our country and are determined to protect our democracy and freedom with me. 


We must get our own house in order to effectively fight the corrupt leaders around the world working actively to defeat democracy, freedom, and liberty for their own citizens and as well as ours.

I will fight to defend all Americans’ First Amendment rights.  Whether you have a conservative or liberal voice, you have the right to peacefully be heard and a right to peaceably assemble. No individual or group can take that right from you.  I will also fight for religious freedoms in our country. I will protect ALL Americans’ right to worship how, where, or what they so choose and no one will ever be banned from entering our country based solely upon their religion. 


The American People’s privacy is also a fundamental First Amendment Right and I willI work to protect that privacy.. We will not live in fear anymore of who could be secretly listening to our conversations and reading our texts and emails. My team will work to ensure that warrantless monitoring will no longer be a concern for the American people. 


I will also require that all Americans actively OPT-IN without manipulation, if they desire a corporation to OWN their photos, texts, messages, emails, and personal information.

  • Work to create a new “Crimes Against our Environment” Law
  • Expose corrupt individuals and corporations for suppressing earth-saving technologies and hold them accountable
  • Immediately rejoin Paris Climate Accord and work to unite the world in fighting climate change
  • Work to transform our energy system to renewable energy
  • Restore all tax credits for electric vehicles and solar panels
  • Eliminate worldwide subsidies for fossil fuels 
  • Work to make major investments in clean energy technologies
  • Safely share with the world all renewable energy technologies 

Sharing a home with 4 teenagers, I am constantly reminded that I am not going to be here to reconcile the future environmental issues caused by the greed and corruption of my generation and proceeding generations. 


I will work to create a crime against the environment. Any individual or corporation that is suppressing earth-saving technologies will be subject to this law and I will work to ensure that its penalties include a minimum sentence of life in prison and complete government seizure of all individual and corporate assets. 


Immunity and reduced sentences will be offered to those that come forward and real protection for these individuals and their families will be provided through the independently operated Whistleblower Protection Agency


In addition to the creation of this law, my administration will be focused on energy by offering tax credits for electric vehicle and solar panel purchases. 


We will rejoin the Paris Climate Agreement and will work to hold the world's worst polluters accountable. We will also work to share with the world our renewable energy technologies.  


I will also implement tax incentives for American businesses that choose to spend a little more in order to use sustainable packaging.  We will be able to drive the pricing of these earth-saving products down by increasing the volume used.

  • It is time for ALL TO PAY THEIR FAIR SHARE
  • Dramatically simplify our tax code
  • Reduce the size and budget of the IRS
  • Audit the Federal Reserve

Currently, our Nation is faced with the RIDICULOUS choice of funding law enforcement OR funding our local community needs and services. We are the wealthiest country in the history of the world. It is important that all Americans know WHY we are facing such a dilemma. 


And the answer lies in TAX REFORM.


It is not right that as a single-father of four teenage children, that in 2018, I paid more to fund our nation’s needs than that of Amazon. And not just Amazon, but ninety other Fortune 500 corporations which didn’t pay a penny in federal taxes. Not a penny. And none of them broke the law and all played by the rules of our tax code. 


Our current tax code has benefited the wealthy in our country for too long. Having said that, we will not become a socialist society.  We will always embrace the entrepreneurial spirit in America and the right of individuals to grow and build personal wealth. 


But it’s time for ALL Americans and ALL American Corporations to pay their FAIR SHARE!!   


With the corruption and corporate influence eliminated in Washington, I will represent all Americans as I sit down with both parties to present my simple tax plan. It will raise revenues for the needs of the American People while reducing the tax burden on the vast majority of Americans. Everyone, including corporations will pay their fair share. The tax code will be so simple that most Americans will be able to do their own taxes from home. It will also allow us to drastically reduce the size and budget of the Internal Revenue Service. 


My tax plan will create a substantial budget surplus for the American People that will be invested in education, infrastructure, healthcare, combating student loan debt, as well as paying down our national debt and living within our means as a country. 


I will end the special tax breaks on dividends and capital gains for the top 1% and I will eliminate offshore tax scams and tax dodging.  If you have enough to own a private jet or multi-million dollar yacht, you have enough to pay property taxes on it like the rest of us have to. 


In addition to tax reform, I will demand an audit of the federal reserve. Americans will know where ALL of their tax money is being spent. Our country will return to being of the people, by the people, and for the people. 

We will innovate more here. 

We will make more here. 

We will buy more here. 

We will work more here. 

We will prosper together here. 


Inequality has and will forever lead to iniquity.



My administration will be focused on policies designed to strengthen small businesses in our country, with the intent to bring back outsourced manufacturing jobs to the United States, and establish true economic equality for the American worker.  


Publicly traded companies and corporations with at least $110 million in balance sheet totals or in annual revenues will be required to provide at least 2 percent of stock to their workers every year until the company is at least 20 percent owned by employees. This has been proposed by other candidates and I agree with it. Studies have shown that employee-owned businesses have fewer worker’s compensation claims, lower turn-over, higher employee morale and dedication, with more creativity and productivity. I will also work to ensure the democratization of these company’s board of directors. 


I will also work to rewrite our trade deals to prevent American jobs from being outsourced. I will also ensure that environmental and human rights standards are included in each one of our agreements. I will also enforce rules against currency cheating from other countries. 


I will work to incentivize American companies to choose to manufacture as much as possible here. I will also work to empower the American Consumer to see readily where a product was made prior to purchasing.  


I will also restore credibility to the FTC and demand reviews of all corporate mergers over the past 10 years. Highly concentrated markets have harmed American workers and eliminated competition and have fostered corporate dominance in too many industries, leaving the American consumer at the mercy of only a few providers of goods and services.


I will end the outsourcing of American jobs on federal contracts with an executive order. 


I will expand “Buy Local” and “Buy American” and many more policies that will support small, localized businesses.

  • I will enact trust-busting laws to stop the monopolization and market dominance of existing agribusiness. 
  • I will break-up powerful agribusinesses that control the entire industry and hold family farmers captive to their conglomerates. 
  • I will pass a right-to-repair law that will give all farmers the fundamental right to work on the equipment they own. 
  • I will protect organic standards so that the industry giants cannot bypass rules and cut out smaller businesses. 
  • State inspected beef that meets state and federal standards will be allowed to be sold across state lines. 
  • I will work to reform patent laws to protect farmers from seed corporations 
  • I will re-establish a rainy-day national grain and feed reserve. 
  • Agricultural subsidies need to support family farms and not just the largest producers.
  • Ensure real protections are in place to oversee foreign acquisitions of our farmland. Currently twenty five million US acres are owned by foreign country’s. 
  • Will assist beginning farmers in the purchasing of land and equipment needed for sustainable farming. 
  • Will make farmland owned by the government available as incubator farms for new farmers.

Without Obamacare, I would not be here today. I became “un-insurable” overnight several years ago with a Stage 4 lymphoma cancer diagnosis. Without insurance, I would not have been able to receive the expensive, life-saving chemo treatments I needed. Obamacare protected my premiums from soaring as well as insured me that even with a pre-existing condition, I would always be able to qualify for health insurance. 


I will get corporations out of the healthcare reform process, as well as the lobbyists, and special interests. With this accomplished, our elected representatives will be able to work together to reform our healthcare system to provide affordable and accessible health care for ALL Americans.  I will work to ensure that mental health coverage is included in every plan. Addressing our mental health crisis in America will help reduce the growing substance abuse problems within our communities.


I will also fight against corporate price gouging and work to overturn the law that prevents Medicare from being able to negotiate better pricing. “Medicare could have saved $14.4 billion on just 50 drugs in 2016 if the program had paid the same prices as the Department of Veterans Affairs, which is allowed to bargain for discounts.

The Equal Rights Amendment was designed to guarantee equal rights for all American citizens regardless of sex. It seeks to end the legal distinctions between men and women in matters of divorce, property, employment, and other matters. I will work to get this amendment passed.

Over the past year, we have seen how important it is to be able to defend our families, our homes, and our businesses. The Constitution is a divinely inspired document and the second amendment must be protected as an essential right for all Americans.


It is also essential that we do more to ensure that only responsible and competent individuals are able to purchase certain firearms. I believe both parties can agree with me that with reduced corporate lobbying in Washington, we will be able to work together to pass long-term, bipartisan-legislation ensuring safer schools and neighborhoods.


Also, we must do more to strengthen our mental health system in our country and do more to address bullying in our schools. 87% of school shooters claimed or left evidence behind indicating that they were victims of severe and long-term bullying.  We need our leaders in this country to stand up to bullying rather than encouraging it.

We will immediately reverse the cruel and inhumane separation of children from their parents at our borders. We, as a country, will treat all individuals, especially families, with dignity and respect. 


We will also work to support Mexico and President Lopez Obrador in their fight against the cartel and corruption. A safe and peaceful Mexico will benefit all American People. We will also be sharing our technology and resources to combat human trafficking at the border. 

For too long, these brothers and sisters of ours have been marginalized and used as political pawns. They are humans and deserve to be treated with respect and dignity. I will use the Executive Authority as President of the United States, to sign the “Out of the Shadows” Executive Order. The details are as follows:  

  • Individuals that qualify will have resided in the United States on or prior to January 1st 2010
  • Individuals that qualify will have no serious criminal record
  • Each individual will pay a $5000 fine
  • The individual will immediately receive a 5-year green card
It is recognized that many undocumented immigrants came to this country as children, and have spent years in fear of being separated from their families.  The majority have worked, paid taxes, and contributed in good ways to better their communities.  It is time for them to come out of the shadows and have the opportunity to become citizens through the naturalization process.

I am pro-life.* 


Abortion should not be advertised or accepted in our society as an alternative to birth control.  Late-term abortions of viable children in situations where neither the mother’s life or unborn child's life are in jeopardy is murder and should be treated as such. 


*Victims of rape, incest, or molestation should not be required to carry the child of their attacker. Forcing an individual to relive this trauma is unacceptable and cruel. They MUST be free to make that very difficult decision and the abortion procedure must remain available and accessible in all states.  States currently restricting access and making it more difficult to have this procedure are not reducing the number being performed.  An individual that wants an abortion will find someone to perform it.  A woman must have a reasonable amount of time to even know if she’s pregnant and a reasonable amount of time to decide what to do. Her reasoning, decision and overall privacy must be protected and states cannot continue to put an undue burden upon them. 


Statistics do show that abortion procedures in the United States are dropping. I believe by reforming and strengthening the adoption process, we can offer a viable alternative to more women and continue to reduce the abortion numbers in our country.  I will work to simplify and reduce the costs associated with adoption in this country.  I will also work to protect the rights of the adoptive parents and the bonds created between infants and those parents.

It is a shocking statistic that forty percent of the food in the United States gets destroyed every year due to spoilage and overproduction. We currently have the technology and resources to refrigerate this food and distribute it to those most in need. I will work to obtain commitments from as many American companies as possible that would be willing to donate to this cause.  We will be blessed as a nation as we work together to bless those that have the least amongst us.

It is not right that our children can accidentally wander into an adult website. Children cannot protect themselves, therefore laws must be enacted to protect them. I will work to mandate that all adult websites implement age-verification software.  

History has taught us that innocent lives have wrongly been taken on death row. Injustice for one is injustice for all. I will create a task force that will ensure that each individual sentenced to death in our country has their case reviewed by an independent team of honorable, fair and competent individuals to ensure that the defendant received a fair trial with adequate legal representation. This panel will also review any new evidence if available.